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[row][column size=’col-md-12′ ] VV Logistics Solutions Inc., an Illinois Corporation, specializing in transportation of freight in all 48 states. VV with its operations located throughout the United States having 48 state authority with terminals in major ports and cities. VV has developed an envied reputation as a quality provider of fresh produce, express road transport and distribution. Our growth is attributed to our customers with whom we have become strong business partners. These relationships have afforded us the opportunity to expand our lanes while becoming partners in accomplishing their transportation management goals. VV Logistics prides itself on honest, reliable and excellent customer service, treating each customer and freight haul with the highest level of personal attention, professionalism and confidentiality. All trucks include 24 hour satellite tracking equipment providing up to minute monitoring of consignment. Each and every haul is treated with the utmost care, arriving at destinations on time and in perfect condition. A 24 hour – 7 day service, the company’s fleet includes the latest trucking and trailer equipment – kept in pristine condition, professionally cleaned and mechanically serviced weekly. VV’s entire team is focused on: SAFETY, SUSTAINABILITY AND SERVICE. [/column][/row]